Showing all 8 results offers wide range of Marigold seeds of different types and varieties. Our range include both F1 Hybrid as well as Open Pollinated (OP) Marigold seeds.

Marigolds are scientifically known as Tagets. It is a genus of 50 species of flowering plants. In Pakistan, the Marigolds seen in the garden are from 1 of the following species:
Targetes Erecta, also known as African Marigold or simply just Marigold. In Urdu, this variety is called گیندا.
Tagetes Patula, also known as French Marigold. In Urdu, this variety is called جعفری.

Marigold sometimes also refer to Pot Marigold or English Marigold. However, it belongs to a different family of flower “Calendula” and is scientically named as “Calendula Officinalis“. For brevity, seeds of this type are also listed under this category.