Welcome to Bagh.pk

Welcome to Bagh.pk

Your destination for all things gardening.

We strive to provide you with all things related to gardening under a single roof. Whether you are looking for hard to find and quality supplies or want some information on a fabulous plant you saw and wish to plant in your garden, we will be here to serve you.

In case, you don’t find something that you need, just drop us a message and we would be happy to arrange it for you.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Bagh.pk

  1. asimnawaz214 says:

    Dear friend
    Asim Nawaz YouTube Channel “Veggies Home Kitchen Garden”. Interested in Vegetables and flowering seeds as well as bulbs. Kindly inform my where is your shop in Lahore. I visit to purchase it.
    Mobile: 03004148730

    • Bagh.pk says:

      Dear Asim!

      We operate online only and do not have a physical store. I will be uploading pictures of all the seeds we have soon. You are encouraged to order online.

      Thank you

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